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In a world where cloud vendors are aiming to lock you in their proprietary ecosystems, we are working hard to erase barriers and give back control to developers. We believe that open source is the decisive force in cloud industry, as it is more secure, cost-effective, and able to foster profound synergies between different cloud native services.

Our platform is rooted in an open source community, and we are always building interconnections with fellow cloud native providers, so you could benefit from a wide array of cloud services. In addition to being open, we empower you with specialized cloud infrastructure and give you full control over how you use it. Raw and simple.

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PricedHost Team

We strongly believe that working together hand in hand is the finest way of achieving the best results and creating a lasting impact for our clients.​​​​​​ We value diversity, celebrate different personalities and respect contrasting opinions, all of which allow us to create enabling environment, where cooperation and team spirit prosper.

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