3 Minute Deploys

Our pre-built dedicated servers are prepared and provisioned automatically from the ground up

Managed via Client Portal or API

Control your servers with a few clicks, or automate server management via RESTful API

Billed on hourly or fixed-period basis

Manage your expenses with hourly billing, or save money by ordering fixed-term services

Choose Pre-built Dedicated Servers

or customize server hardware as you like

Custom Dedicated Servers

Pre-built instances are often not enough when you want to have maximum performance for your workload. That’s we’ve made it possible for you to build Dedicated Server instances with custom components online, delivered within a few hours.

Premium performance per node guaranteed by our Dedicated infrastructure

When you need to run a stable high-end workload, or complete your compute-intensive project as quick as possible, there’s nothing better than our powerful single-tenant infrastructure. We’ve benchmarked our server series to give you an easy way to compare them, and choose the best one for your use case.

Geekbench 5 CPU Performance

Fast & Secure Storage

Easily scalable storage blocks with premium redundancy. Your data is replicated in 3 different places.

Blazing fast NVME, SSD or HDD storage built directly into your dedicated server. Up to 20 disks available per server.

Every dedicated server comes with RAID 1 by default, which can be extended to type 5, 6 or 10 if needed.

Robust Networking

There’s 1 to 3Gbps Bandwidth per server with 30 to 200TB of free traffic available per month.

Every server is protected against DDOS amplification attacks. AI based IP scrubbing available upon request.

Make private dedicated server clusters through 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets, enabled by default.

PricedHost On Top Services

Our support engineers are always within arm’s reach for every question you may have.

Everyone gets their personal account manager, who can handle even the most complex needs.

We accept all traditional and most of the modern payment options.

Deploy your new servers in 3 minutes