KYC Customer Verification

Network Availability Guarantee, version 5 – January 11, 2024

At Pricedhost, we prioritize compliance and integrity in our hosting services. To uphold these principles, we have implemented a Know Your Customer (KYC) customer verification process for new account registrations. This process involves thorough verification of your business details.

Verification of Your Customer Account

When you register for a new Customer Account, we conduct a verification process to validate your business information before we proceed with processing and delivering your order. In order to facilitate a seamless customer verification process, please ensure that the information you provide to our teams and is accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, use an active email address and phone number for communication purposes. This helps create a secure environment, preventing defaults, fraud, and misuse of our services. Your Customer information will undergo an automatic verification process for efficiency.

Additional Verification

In cases where our automated customer information systems are unable to verify your details, we may request additional information through the email address and phone number provided. This supplementary verification process, known as Extra Verification, may require you to furnish further information about your business, including its name, registration details, website URL, as well as personal contact information. You may also be asked to provide proof of identity, address, and location. Once your information is fully verified to meet compliance standards, we can proceed to accept your order and initiate a Sales Contract.

Data Retention

When you register an account with us, we collect and process personal data such as your name, address, telephone number, payment information, and email address. It’s important to note that we do not store any payment information if you choose to pay using a credit card. Instead, we use a pseudonymous card number for payment processing. We retain your registration data for a period of 24 months or until you delete your account with us, or until the statutory retention period expires.

Please be aware that existing customers may also undergo verification again if required. In such instances, we will provide advance notice and ample time for you to furnish the necessary information. Compliance with our Sales terms and conditions mandates that you keep your Customer Account and business details up to date.

GDPR Compliance

By placing an order or requesting a quotation, you consent to Pricedhost’s implementation of the KYC Customer Verification process and the processing of any personal data required for this purpose. We inform you of the legitimate purpose and legal grounds for obtaining your consent.

Verification Timeline

The manual verification of your order is typically a quick process. If Extra Verification is necessary, we will notify you of our requirements within 15 minutes. The time required to provide us with the requested information or documents will determine how soon we can proceed to establish a Sales Contract.

For a more comprehensive understanding of how Pricedhost handles personal data as part of your Customer Account, please refer to our Privacy Policy.