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3 Minute Deploys

Our pre-built virtual servers are prepared and provisioned automatically from the ground up

Managed via UI, CLI or API

Control your servers with a few clicks, or automate server management via CLI and API

Hourly or fixed-period billing

Manage your expenses with hourly billing, or save money by ordering fixed-term services

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Manchester (IFL2)
Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz | 4 cores | 3.40 GHz
2×3.0TB SATA
1Gbps (unlimited)
London (LON-2)
2x Intel Xeon Gold 6132 @ 2.60GHz | 14 cores | 2.60 GHz
128GB DDR4
2x240GB SSD
1000Mbps (10 TB)
London (LON-2)
2x Intel Xeon Gold 5218 @ 2.30GHz | 16 cores | 2.30 GHz
128GB DDR4
4x 480GB SSD
1000Mbps (10 TB)
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Why Build Your App at PricedHost?

SLA 99.97% Uptime

Get premium quality services with our data-based service uptime guarantee

API & Automation

Automate your server management through CLI, API and DevOps integrations

24/7 Technical Support

Get qualified technical assistance every you need it by email, live chat or phone

DDOS Protection

Our network is protected against the most common DDoS attacks by default

Premium Network Features

You may add private subnets, floating or DDoS protected IPs on demand

Payment Options

Use Visa, Mastercard or any other payment option

Frequently asked questions

Virtual Server is a cost-effective machine that emulates a computer system. It is created by a hypervisor that uses native execution to share and manage hardware resources, allowing for multipe evironments that are isolated and yet reside on the same physical server.

Here at PricedHost you get 24/7 technical support with an average initial response time of 15 minutes free of charge. Every client gets a personal account manager that is deeply familiar with your needs. You may contact us by email, live chat or phone.

We use open-source Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization technology to make our Virtual Servers, as our performance benchmarks indicate that it is one of the most performant hypervisor technologies available today.

Our data centers are located in United Kingdom and in the USA. We use redundant infrastructure, electricity and networking architecture to ensure top-tier cloud infrastructure services.

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